My name is Miranda Machado. I am a California Certified Massage Therapist #51955 since 2013. I offer a range of healing massage treatments. Helping my clients to achieve lasting robust health and to feel more calm and comfortable, confident and strong in their bodies is my honor. I listen attentively to how you feel before and during your treatment, and plan my session according to what you are currently experiencing in your body and mind and what you would like to achieve from my work. It is immensely gratifying to watch you leave my treatment room invigorated, with lighter spirits and renewed drive to pursue your passions and goals.


I hold the following qualifications: 


  -   BA Honors in Chinese Studies, University of Oxford 

  -   MA History of Art and Archaeology, SOAS, University of London

  -   Graduate with Honors, National Holistic Institute, College of Massage Therapy, California 

  -   Certified Advanced Practitioner & Teacher Training Program Graduate, ITM Massage School, Chiangmai, Thailand 

  -   Basics and Advanced Graduate, DeepFeet Bar Therapy®


I have further trained in Sports Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Lympathic Drainage and Vacuum Cupping.


Many of my life choices have informed who I am as a Massage Therapist. I have trained intensely in ballet, martial arts and bodybuilding, I advocate a whole food plant diet, I have lived, studied and worked on four continents, and explored distinct work industries and environments prior to finding massage therapy, including within academia, global environmental sustainability, and child development. My seemingly non-linear learning and career paths have allowed me to travel the world and to interact with a vast range of people with different stories and different needs. In my practice I have the pleasure and privilege of working with a great diversity of clients; each connection is precious and invaluable.